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Important Announcement :

from Diriyah Gate Development Authority

An important announcement regarding the postponement of the Expropriation.
Compensation begins for Landowners of Certain Areas within the Districts of (Alkhuzama, Alnakheel, Irqa)
Announcement on the start of expropriation of areas within the districts of (Khozama, Nakheel, Irqah).
Announcement on the Start of Expropriation within (Alfaisaliyah) Districts in Diriyah area
DGDA would like to clarify that certain information being shared on social media platforms pertaining to the land acquisition initiative for land falling within the Diriyah project perimeter is incorrect and misrepresentative of the current status of the initiative. DGDA is following the government approved and endorsed plan in this regard and is working to ensure the best possible outcome for all residents affected by any of the Diriyah masterplans. Furthermore, DGDA is working to ensure that residents’ rights are maintained and that they are kept aware of the latest updates through direct communications. The DGDA team would like to emphasize the importance of ensuring that information regarding this matter is received from authorized and official sources to avoid confusion.

Wadi Hanifa Form-Base Code - Design Compliance Certificate

Wadi Hanifah Form-Base Code is exclusive to reflect & revive the architectural character of old historic Diriyah, where the first Saudi state came to its realization. The Wadi Hanifah Form-base Code is used as an urban planning and zoning tool to foster high-quality built environments, by regulating land development based on the physical form and the exterior environment.

This service is designated for Design Offices to provide them with the Design Compliance Certificate in accordance with Wadi Hanifah Form-Based Code for residents and clients who their properties are located within the DGDA Supervisory area.

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Get your Design Compliance Certificate in 3 easy steps:

1- Design Office Account Creation:

  • Sign up & fill the required information.
  • DGDA will validate and activate your account.
  • Apply for the service.

2- Wadi Hanifah Design Compliance - Submission Requirments:

  • Submit service requirements as per the Service Card & FBC Submission Guidelines.
  • DGDA will review/approve the submission request.

3-  Design Compliance Certificate Issuance:

  • You will receive a notification about the approval of your request and the issuance of the certificate.
  • Log-in to your account to check the status of your request is “Certificate has been created”.
  • Click on the  Picture1.png “Download Certificate” to download your certificate.


All the forms you will need for your application:

|   Service Card    |  FBC Submission Guidelines 
|   User Manual  Contractor & Consultant appointment form 
Wadi Hanifa Form-based Code Design Compliance Declaration

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC.

To Download the document please click here

Download service brief

Design Studio

Available to support the beneficiaries on their designs by providing advice and guidance to achieve the objectives & requirements of Wadi Hanifa Form-Based Code.
To book an appointment with our Design Studio, please contact us at: [email protected]

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC.

To Download the document please click here

Download service brief


A Form-Based Code is an urban planning and zoning tool that fosters predictable, high-quality built environments by regulating land development based on physical form and the public realm.
FBC is Place-Based, specific to the character and needs of a city, town, or local community. 

– Enables the land owner to make better use of their land area.
– Achieves greater harmony between residential areas and public areas.
– Respects the unique environmental features of the Hanifah valley through the protection of the valley and creating a pattern of sustainable development.
– Creates a unique urban environment in ADDIRIYAH in a form that reflects identity and heritage.

The transects in the Wadi Hanifa Form-Based Code depends on the location of the land and contains many uses/activities such as commercial, residential, public facilities and gardens.

The Design is not Unified, the Wadi Hanifa Form-Based Code contains design requirements that are applicable to many designs.

Land Alteration is allowed as long as it will fit the urban fabric and Wadi Hanifa Form-Based Code regulations.

There are no requirements or restrictions in the Form-Based Code regarding the sale and purchase of the land.

The renovations in the external interfaces are based on the requirements specified in the Wadi Hanifa Form-Based Code.

• Accreditation by the Saudi Council of Engineers
• Municipal license
• Commercial Registration
For more information on how to register on the Portal, please refer to the User Manual.

Each Design Office will only be able to register one user account on the Portal.

Applications ubmitted by email will not be required to re-submit again through the Portal.

Yes, Design Offices will still be able to register on the without submitting any applications.

Yes, Design Offices can track their requests by visiting their account home page on the Portal.

No, Landowners can only check the status of their requests by contacting the Design Office.

Yes, for any required changes please contact the following email: [email protected]

Yes, for any required renewal or re-issuance, please contact the following email: [email protected]

Yes, for appointments, Design Offices can schedule a session by contacting  [email protected] and include the request number and details.

Note: If you have any other inquiries regarding your account, your requests, or any technical issues, please contact the following e-mail: [email protected]

ملاحظة: في حال مواجهتك أي مشكلة تقنية أو يوجد لديك أي استفسارات أخرى تخص حسابك أو طلبك يرجى التواصل عبر البريد الالكتروني التالي: [email protected]

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