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At the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, we celebrate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s historical footprint by allowing the jewel of the Najd region
– Ad Diriyah – to shine brightly as a hub for culture and heritage.

We were established in July 2017 and are committed to creating an experience for visitors that will expose the architectural, cultural and artistic legacy of Ad Diriyah. From outlining its historical significance as a foundation of the Kingdom to developing it into a modern heritage site, Ad Diriyah will be a remarkable experience of discovery for all.


In line with Vision 2030 and its bold outlook on a bright future, we strive to deliver a world-class development program to Ad Diriyah that cradles the past, present & future. At DGDA, we will contribute to the goals of our national vision by fostering a vibrant community of entrepreneurs engaged in creating a cultural destination for local and international visitors looking to discover Saudi Arabia.


In line with Royal Order number (63041), Diriyah Gate Development Authority announces the need to expropriate the private properties located in the area of Ad Diriyah, as specified in the map. The expropriation will be conducted in line with applicable governmental procedures which are in line with the relevant regulations of the land expropriation law.

Individuals owning property within the area outlined in the map are kindly requested to contact the Diriyah Gate Development Authority Customer Service Center, located at the DGDA Headquarters in the Oud Dunes Compound (Building (2) in the Diplomatic Quarter), starting from 15/12/1439(H) (equivalent to 27/08/2018(G)), in order to initiate the appropriate property expropriation process.


The Home of Kings & Heroes presents Diriyah Gate


The history of the people of Arabia and Ad Diriyah is a history of ancient trade and pilgrimage routes and a geographic meeting point for Asia, Africa and Europe. Known as the Home of Kings and Heroes, Ad Diriyah is an oasis that rose from the banks of Wadi Hanifa and is considered the birthplace of the first Saudi state, becoming its capital in 1745AD. Its establishment is considered a turning point for the Arabian Peninsula, the region and the Islamic world as it set a foundation and unified the Peninsula under one nation. It grew to become a thriving economic, political and military hub hosting an ideal community in the desert and a beacon of science and learning.

It is this rich legacy that guides our design and development of the Diriyah Gate to deliver a seamless, authentic and unique experience of Saudi Arabia’s history for the modern times.


Diriyah Gate will be the ultimate luxury retail destination offering the best of local and international brands and special curated collections unique to our location.


Throughout the ages, Ad Diriyah has inspired a sense of wonder for visitors from far and wide. In ancient times, plain mud walls hid a lively network and community of culture and commerce. With Diriyah Gate, we invite you behind a different set of walls to discover a whole new experience of culture and commerce fit for the future and ready to welcome the world.


As the birthplace of the nation in the 18th century, Ad Diriyah illuminate the legacy of the House of Saud, celebrating the many touchstones in its historical narrative from Ibn Saud to King Salman.