As part of our strive to achieve Vision 2030 through establishing a unique typography that showcases our cultural essence and preserves our building heritage, Diriyah Gate Development Authority is currently in the process of reviewing & assessing all building codes & land use regulations within our supervisory area to ensure visual & environmental harmony in-line with the Kingdom’s future vision & developmental objectives.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in-line with design, development and preservation standards, DGDA aims to develop Diriyah by creating a lifestyle environment that enhances its historic & national relevance and gives the people of its community a better quality of life, aligned with the Quality of Life Program;

  • Adding a cultural typography representative of Diriyah’s history
  • Improving the well being & quality of life standards for Diriyah
  • Protecting the environment and natural geology of Wadi Hanifa
  • Setting clear guidelines for urban development that create harmony in use by both public & private builders


As per the Royal Decree No. 63041, DGDA has suspended license and permits issuance to undergo the re-evaluation of the building codes and land use permits. Surveying the current condition of buildings, development plans & proposed mechanisms is crucial to the future development of the area. The work we are currently undertaking is to support property owners in Diriyah as well as the greater community.

Applying best practices for planning, organizing and applying new standards within the DGDA supervisory area will attract investors, new residences and provide an improved quality of life for the families of Diriyah, along with preserving its cultural, traditional and natural landscape to ensure harmony within the overall area.

The suspension on issuing licenses and permits will be lifted upon the completion of the evaluation period. DGDA is working with all the concerned parties to complete the evaluation and finalize the implementation mechanisms efficiently. We expect to begin the implementation phase during the fourth quarter of 2019. If you are a land owner and have any specific inquiries, please call our toll-free number; 92 000 2622.
We are currently undergoing the development of building codes as well as planning and zoning regulations to accommodate a variety of land development options with clear national and global standards of best practices to maintain the essence of the historical typography of Diriyah while enhancing the overall quality of life in the area.
There are certain types of permits that currently have exceptions and are:
  1. Internal Renovation Permit
  2. Demolition Permit (for non-historical areas and buildings)
  3. Infrastructure Construction Permit
  4. Raise Surveyors for ownership transfer
FAll the abovementioned exceptions require the requestor submit all necessary documents to the DGDA Licensing & Permitting department for verificaiton and approval.
The DGDA has an agreement with the REDF to defer any payments or installments, as a result of the permitting and licensing delays, until after the resumption of our services. Thusly, you have been exempted until the new building code is released. We also ask that you confirm your exemption by going to the REDF to ensure your name is included in the exceptions list of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority.