We were established in July 2017 and are committed to creating an experience for visitors that will expose the architectural, cultural and artistic legacy of Diriyah. 

We work towards celebrating the rich and diverse culture and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s history and the Saudi people.
Our efforts aim to honor the local community and safeguard the traditions of past generations through the preservation of the Kingdom’s history in a unique gathering place for future generations.
Diriyah already has a small selection of open-air and indoor museums dotted throughout UNESCO World Heritage Site At-Turaif. DGDA is working towards making Diriyah one of the region’s foremost destinations for historical and cultural knowledge-sharing activities, that will open its doors to the public in 2020.
Diriyah – the jewel of the Kingdom – will forever shine brightly as one of the world’s greatest gathering places and as the birthplace of the Saudi nation.


Our Vision is to preserve our historical significance in the hearts and minds of our people and allow the stories of our history to write the pages of our future.


We aspire to cultivate Diriyah into a global gathering place by creating rich experiences that narrate the stories of our history, making Diriyah a must-see destination and the pride of all Saudis.