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Diriyah Gate Development Authority launches “Ardha dancing house” initiative for Saudi youths

27 May 2021

In addition, the authority’s plan seeks to plant this legacy in the minds of the nation’s youth, as the Ardha has a historical value, and highlights a dance of victory and pride. It is a symbol that shows the history and glory of the Kingdom and the heroism of the Saudi people.

The initiative has two stages; the first one includes providing training courses by the best performers to those who registered to educate them on the arts of the Saudi Ardha. The second stage is to organize a competition of those who qualify in the courses held in the first phase. There will be four rounds during 2021 to receive the participants and competitors. The rounds will be held on the weekend during which five people will be nominated in each round. The competitors featuring 20 at the final rounds should pass the sessions in line with the standards, including uniform, sword, drums and others, set by the arbitration committee. 

The registration for the first round begins on May 27 – June 2 and the training session will begin on June 3-4, while registering in the second round will be during the period from 12 to 22 July and the training course will be beginning on August 6-7.

People can register in the third round on September 5-9 and the training session will be on September 17-18.

Finally, the registration process in the fourth phase will start on October 5-12 and its training is planned on October 22-23.

The final festival will be held on November 25 to grant awards to the winners who are selected after each session to take part in a final performance competition.
The initiative will be held in the historic Al-Turaif district in Diriyah, mainly at the Palace of Thunayan bin Saud, one of the most important historical sites in the district, with the aim of consolidating the history and culture of Diriyah, the land of the kings and heroes, the jewel of the Kingdom and the cradle of the launch of the first Saudi state.

The “Ardha” means a majestic performance enhancing determination in the souls, strength and leadership among the people.

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority held the first edition of the initiative in 2019 at the Palace of Prince Thunayan bin Saud in the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood, where the Authority’s CEO Jerry Inzerillo honored six winners out of 100 participants in the first phase after they had passed the training stages and participated in the competition.

The poems of the Saudi Ardha include deep meanings for Saudis as harmonized movement of swords among the performers reflect the utmost level of loyalty and pride. So the authority is keen on cementing broadly this art in the minds of youths, and enhancing pride in the hearts of youngsters and educating them on the bases of the Ardha.