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Important Announcement :

from Diriyah Gate Development Authority

An important announcement regarding the postponement of the Expropriation.
Compensation begins for Landowners of Certain Areas within the Districts of (Alkhuzama, Alnakheel, Irqa)
Announcement on the start of expropriation of areas within the districts of (Khozama, Nakheel, Irqah).
Announcement on the Start of Expropriation within (Alfaisaliyah) Districts in Diriyah area
DGDA would like to clarify that certain information being shared on social media platforms pertaining to the land acquisition initiative for land falling within the Diriyah project perimeter is incorrect and misrepresentative of the current status of the initiative. DGDA is following the government approved and endorsed plan in this regard and is working to ensure the best possible outcome for all residents affected by any of the Diriyah masterplans. Furthermore, DGDA is working to ensure that residents’ rights are maintained and that they are kept aware of the latest updates through direct communications. The DGDA team would like to emphasize the importance of ensuring that information regarding this matter is received from authorized and official sources to avoid confusion.

DGDA Launches Inaugural Diriyah Engineers Development Program

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) recently announced the inaugural edition of its Diriyah Engineers Development Program. This year-long specialized program aims to prepare world-class engineers to play a leading role in DGDA’s various design and development projects. 


The program, which commences in December 2022, is open to fresh Saudi graduates from across all engineering and architectural disciplines. A total of 15 participants will undergo a multistage training and hands on learning program that aims to provide them with real world experience in their chosen disciplines. 


Participants will be assigned to specific training tracks across multiple divisions, including the Design & Development, Urban Planning & Municipal Affairs and Asset Management divisions. Each track will also be overseen by a mentor within the division to provide direct support to participants throughout their journey. 


The program application phase, which runs from Sep. 13th to Sep. 23rd 2022, will be followed by an initial assessment stage through interviews conducted by DGDA’s Human Capital Division. An intensive evaluation of applicants will follow using the Authority’s Graduate Assessment Center. This selection process has been put in place to ensure that the final batch of graduates possesses not only the professional acumen but the drive necessary to help realize DGDA’s mission of becoming an incubator of the highest caliber local talent, each in their respective fields.


The Diriyah Engineers Development Program, which stems from DGDA’s belief in the importance of enabling and empowering Saudi Arabia’s youth, also aligns with Vision 2030, which encourages national organizations and authorities to foster local talent through a wide variety of innovative initiatives.


To register for the program: