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DGDA’s Citywide Cleanup Campaign Sweeps Through 10 Mosques and 5 Public Parks

19 Sep 2022

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority’s (DGDA) Community Engagement Department launched its cleanup campaign, which took place throughout Diriyah. The initiative targeted multiple locations, including ten mosques and five public parks. 

The campaign is part of the department’s efforts to support global awareness events and achieve its goal of beautifying Diriyah, in line with the objectives of World Cleanup Day. It also reflects DGDA’s efforts to maintain Diriyah as a human-friendly city, together with its status as Saudi Arabia’s first healthy city, a certification it received from the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The citywide cleanup campaign comes as part of the DGDA’s Community Engagement efforts to enhance the quality of life for Diriyah’s residents through services that meet the needs and aspirations of the local community. The campaign also aims to promote increased public hygiene awareness and foster community involvement by encouraging members of the public to play their part, helping to strengthen the impact of community involvement. 

As part of several campaigns and initiatives, the cleanup campaign emphasized the authentic values of the Diriyah community associated with the local cultural identity and its inherited religious and moral teachings. The participation of the people of Diriyah is core to all initiatives and campaigns launched by DGDA, and this reflects the importance of the community’s role in preserving the historical heritage of Diriyah and contributing to its development and the sustainability of its resources.