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DGDA Launches World Diabetes Day Awareness Campaign

20 Nov 2022

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) successfully launched its latest awareness campaign on World Diabetes Day in, collaboration with Al-Dawaa Pharmacies and with support from the Education Office in Diriyah. The campaign aims to raise community-wide awareness regarding the various diabetes health risks and complications, while providing life-long coping and self-care methods. 

The campaign organized two events, the first event involved examining 160 diabetic children, and prescribing glucose monitoring devices to help them keep their blood sugar levels stable. Whereas the second event was held at Al-Khalidiyah Park and included awareness-raising activities that taught attendees a variety of diabetes prevention measures.

Ahlam Al-Thunayan, Director of Community Engagement at DGDA, said that the authority’s latest awareness initiative allowed them yet another opportunity to meaningfully connect with the local community.

Diabetes, she added, is a chronic disease that requires a concerted effort on the part of healthcare professionals to empower diabetics with the knowledge they need to cope with their condition. 

She was also keen to highlight her department’s dedication to organizing initiatives that prioritize and enhance the personal, educational, cultural, and societal well-being of Diriyah’s local community.