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Diriyah’s Bujairi Terrace and At-Turaif Celebrate Ramadan with Stunning Collection of Activities

29 Mar 2023

Diriyah brings both the UNESCO World Heritage Site of At-Turaif and the premium dining destination of Bujairi Terrace to life in celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan this year, delivering a diverse range of cultural, sporting, heritage, community, and charitable events for the public to enjoy. With sights set on providing a peerless guest experience, the curation of engaging Ramadan activities across At-Turaif, Bujairi Terrace, and the wider Diriyah district are all set to offer a memorable time for both residents and visitors.  


Diriyah’s mosques, parks, and other notable landmarks will play host to a wide variety of events to mark Ramadan, highlighting the district’s unique heritage and culture. Visitors throughout the month can enjoy amazing performances, unique cultural installations, workshops, storytelling events, sporting activities, and delicious culinary offerings to share with friends and family. 


Bujairi Terrace

Following the grand opening of Bujairi Terrace to local and global tourists at the end of 2022, Diriyah is carrying forward that grand experience through the transformation of Bujairi Terrace into a Ramadan-themed destination with beautiful traditional décor, gathering places scattered throughout to enable visitors to enjoy the evenings, and a Ramadan market selling traditional arts and crafts. Bujairi Terrace offers an array of dining options during the Holy Month, including Ramadan set menus or a la carte offerings from traditional Saudi signature dishes to international cuisines. After Iftar, Bujairi Terrace guests can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from themed storytelling and poetry readings to, later in the month, Eid activities. 


Meanwhile, the historic At-Turaif district offers visitors an exciting and enriching program reviving some of the practices and traditions of the past, and narrating the stories of leadership and acts of charity and generosity of the Imams of the First Saudi State. 


At-Turaif Program

Guests can pause for a delicious bite and take in the breathtaking surroundings of the World Heritage Site at Café Bateel and Wacafe, At-Turaif’s two newly-opened food outlets, shop for locally grown produce and craft items in Souq Al-Mawsim, the first Diriyah Seasonal Market to source seasonal and unique finds, as well as drop into a variety of activities, including

Hidden Heritage Trail of At-Turaif: This walking trail has been specially created for Ramadan 2023 to take visitors on a discovery tour of the lesser-known places within the World Heritage Site. Following in the footsteps of the past, the tour takes in the mosques of At-Turaif while educating visitors about the Imams and the local community during the First Saudi State. 

At-Turaif Iftar Coffee and Date Offering: All visitors are welcome to gather as a community and break their fast with coffee, water, and dates against the spectacular backdrop of historic At-Turaif. 

Recreate Your Family Tree: Visitors can listen to the stories of kinship and family connections underpinning the historic district, while creating their own family tree. 

Tarawih Prayer Time: Historically, the mosques of At-Turaif were cleaned and prepared for Tarawih and Tahajjud prayers during Ramadan. In keeping with these traditions, At-Turaif Mosque will be open for a thoroughly memorable and atmospheric Tarawih prayer and, in the latter part of Ramadan, for Tahajjud prayer. 

At-Turaif Retrospective (Descendants): Now its second installment, this immersive experience comprises a collection of documentary-style short films set within the rooms of a palace, which bring together the stories and memories of At-Turaif, allowing viewers to explore and embrace the impact of its values across Saudi Arabia. 

Discover the Ramadan Sky: An educational and spiritual program where visitors can learn about the planetary movements in relation to Islamic rituals and the sky’s association with the times of Iftar and Imsak during Ramadan.

Diriyah Coffee Workshop: From roasting to tasting, guests can learn the steps of making Al-Arid coffee, together with the hospitality and rituals of the people of Al-Arid, while recreating the traditional Ramadan breakfast of coffee and dates.



Elsewhere in Diriyah

The celebration of the Holy Month continues throughout Diriyah with activities including: a local Athan competition is being run to commemorate the traditional Diriyah Athan, with videos of the competition displayed during Iftar, a weekly storytelling session, Diriyah Storytelling, will allow younger participants  to listen to legendary tales of the district and win prizes by solving riddles about Diriyah’s history, and a daily broadcast of Maghrib prayers from Diriyah’s mosques.. 


In addition, and as part of its annual Ramadan social and charitable initiatives, Diriyah Gate Development Authority will prepare and distribute Ramadan Iftar food baskets to fasting people in collaboration with a local charitable organization.



Bujairir Terrace and At-Turaif’s Ramadan activities will run daily from 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM, with the last entry allowed at 2:00 AM. A Diriyah Pass is required, at a cost of SAR 100, which is redeemable against any of the Bujairi Terrace and At-Turaif restaurants. To learn more or to reserve a space, please visit