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DGDA Shares in Local Community’s Eid Celebrations

02 May 2022


The Diriyah Gate Development Authority had the pleasure of sharing the festivities and joy of Eid Al-Fitr with the city of Diriyah’s natives and visitors. 

The DGDA launched multiple activities and events that guaranteed that everyone had a great time in an air of spirited exuberance with their families and loved ones. 

Eid Al-Fitr, which for this year starts on Monday, is the three-day islam holiday that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the Muslims’ breaking of their month-long fast. 

One of the highlights of the celebrations was that Diriyah Cruise, in which two tour busses took passengers sightseeing around the town’s streets, with thousands of presents having been given away to the residents along the way. 

Another highlight popular highlight was the Diriyah Breakfast on the morning of the holiday, which brought people together to meet and greet and celebrate together. The breakfast stations were situated adjacent to the Eid prayer grounds that had been predetermined by the government. 

Held in partnership with the Arab Bank, the Treasure Hunt was a town-wide fun run to foster the spirit of cooperation among family and friends while they had a good time hunting treasures. 

The DGDA’s Eid giveaways consisted of over 19,000 boxes full of candy and desserts handed out by a joint team of DGDA employees and delivery people for the Jahez mobile app over the holiday’s three days. 

And for culture buffs, the Ardah, Saudi Arabia’s traditional national dance, can be seen at the square across from the Flag Roundabout. 

The DGDA’s community involvement team always strive to vary the activities and initiatives aimed at the locals in every cultural and national event, with awareness being central to their efforts. Ideas are brainstormed and locked in and plans and timeliness are made to ensure that the community has the most fun. The DGDA’s Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are great opportunities to spread joy among people and make children happy with the adornments around the city and the giveaways and the multitude of activities and events. 

The DGDA’s concept of community involvement is based on the idea of being actively and directly in touch with the city’s local community, highlighting the local culture, participating in every local cultural and heritage event, getting the community in the DGDA’s work as it pertains to its cultural and historical role, and instilling the concept of partnership among stakeholders for the benefit of Diriyah and its community.